Meeting Held on Future of Graves-Carlisle Bridge
By Mike Cooper, West Kentucky Star Staff
GRAVES COUNTY - A state official met Friday with local officials and residents to discuss the future repair and reopening of the Bethel Church Road bridge on the Graves/Carlisle county line.

Grave County Judge Executive Jesse Perry told West Kentucky Star that the bridge has been closed since 2013, and it has caused a hardship for those living in both counties.

The bridge is located in northern Graves County, just a few yards from the Carlisle County line. Completion of the bridge would save a five mile detour, which some local resident have to make several times a day.

KYTC officials said that if funding is approved for this project, it would only take approximately six weeks to complete.

Kentucky Commissioner of Rural and Municipal Aid Gray Tomblyn met with Perry, along with Kentucky Transportation Cabinet representatives and local residents.

One resident said, "this is a huge step for us to have Commissioner Tomblyn here and talk with us about how they are highly concerned in Frankfort to get this put back in, to help get this community put back together, and it not be a hardship. For me, this is super important and I'm just proud that he was able to come down today and be here to talk about the steps that we need to take to move this project forward."

Tomblyn added, "the Governor wants us to be at the ground level and to be able to speak with the locals, because they know what's best. They know what's best for their community, they know what they want, and what they need. So the trip down here today is just to be able to look through the lens that they look through, and see how it affects their lives every day."

Published 12:15 AM, Saturday Oct. 13, 2018
Updated 05:01 PM, Sunday Oct. 14, 2018

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