Missing Calloway Children Found Safe
MURRAY, KY - Two young brothers from Calloway County were found alive Friday in the woods about a mile from their home, wet but otherwise unharmed about 17 hours after they were reported missing, law enforcement officials said.

Calloway County dispatcher Dan Galloway says a neighbor located 7-year-old Ben Davis and 5-year-old Cameron Davis about a mile from their home on Blood River Road in New Concord.

"By the grace of God they were unhurt and OK," Galloway said.

The boys were reported missing after their grandmother went outside about Thursday afternoon and couldn't locate them. Law enforcement and volunteers fanned out across a mile-wide area but couldn't locate the boys.

The search resumed Friday morning as searchers began walking a one- to two-square-mile area around the house, which is in a heavily wooded area near Kentucky Lake and Land Between The Lakes National Recreation Area, about six miles from the Kentucky-Tennessee state line. Searchers on foot and using ATVs combed the area.

Emergency Management Director Bill Call says a deputy was with the two Friday morning and they were being brought home. Call said the boys had slept in the woods and walked more in the morning to find the road.

Call said the brothers were exploring a nearby road, and that Cameron Davis admitted to wanting to "go deeper."

The boys told investigators they slept under a rock and covered themselves with leaves to stay warm. The weather overnight was about 47 degrees with light rain. Call said the boys were not dressed to stay warm.

"Both boys were a little wet and a little cold," Galloway said.

Calloway County Sheriff Bill Marcum says the Grandmother was relieved, and happy, and the boys were ready for her to take care of them.

Marcum said, "They were just as dirty as they could be, being in the woods overnight, and one little fella told Grama they needed a bath, and, 'I want three sandwiches when I get out of the bathtub.'"

The terrain around the house worried investigators because of the density of the trees and the uneven nature of the ground.

"That's the kind of search you fear in rough woods. It's fairly rugged," Call said.

Published 04:35 PM, Friday Mar. 29, 2013
Updated 07:20 PM, Sunday Mar. 31, 2013

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