New Amtrak Station Coming to Fulton After 40 Years
By West Kentucky Star Staff
FULTON, KY - A new Amtrak station in Fulton is apparently going to be coming afterall. Kenny Etherton with the Fulton Regional Transit Authority says even though the transit authority couldn't come up with the funds, a private citizen started a fund drive and raised the money.

Etherton says Fulton County resident Jeff Campbell took on the fund raising project. Etherton says Campbell managed to raise about $25,000 over the initial goal to a total of about $85,000.

Etherton tells West Kentucky Star that $20,000 was given by public entities like the Fulton County Fiscal Court, and City of Fulton, with the rest coming from private donations.

Construction is expected to be underway on the new approximately 500 square foot station within the next few months, and is set for completion by the middle of summer. The new facility will be handicap accessible, and have security measures that the current station, a more than 40 year old single wide trailer, doesn't have.

Architectual design for the new station was donated by a firm in Murray.

Published 11:25 AM, Thursday Apr. 07, 2016
Updated 12:37 PM, Friday Apr. 08, 2016

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