Officials Release Statement on Dispatcher Arrest
By Easton Sanders
MARSHALL COUNTY - Marshall County 911 released a statement on Tuesday about the arrest of Tonya Clevidence, a dispatcher accused of identity theft.

As previously reported, the Murray Police Department said a woman contacted officers indicating that she had been the target of several fake messages that had been sent by text and on social media by people claiming to be her, and that it had been occurring for approximately two years.

Officers were able to uncover the IP address where the messages had allegedly originated from, which led to the arrest of Clevidence.

According to Marshall County officials, on Tuesday a certified letter of "intent to terminate" was sent to Clevidence from the Marshall County Fiscal Court based on violations of their administrative policy. Clevidence has five days to appeal the termination with the Fiscal Court.

Officials say there is no evidence that Clevidence had used information gained by working as a dispatcher in the alleged crimes.

Marshall County 911 Director Chris Freeman says the actions of Clevidence are not a reflection of other dispatchers. 

He said, "The individual choices and actions of this employee are not a reflection of Marshall County 911 and the tireless efforts of our telecommunicators to serve the people in our communities. There is a heightened expectation for those who work in a profession of public trust and we take that very seriously. We are committed to providing the highest standard of service and anything less will not be tolerated."

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Marshall County Dispatcher Accused of Identity Theft

Published 02:00 PM, Tuesday Dec. 10, 2019
Updated 03:07 PM, Wednesday Dec. 11, 2019



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