Ohio River May Drop Below Flood Stage Sunday
By National Weather Service
PADUCAH - Persistent high water along the lower Ohio should finally retreat within the riverbanks by the weekend.

The National Weather Service said Tuesday that the Ohio River was already falling at Newburgh, Indiana, and it was cresting Tuesday night downstream at Shawneetown, Golconda and Smithland.

It was estimated that the river would be below flood stage in Newburgh by Wednesday, and Golconda would be below flood stage by Thursday.

Shawneetown and Smithland were forecast to be out of flood stage by Friday morning.

At Paducah's riverfront, the Ohio has been steady at around 42 feet since last weekend. Flood stage in Paducah is 39 feet.

Forecasters said the river at Paducah will fall slowly from Thursday through the weekend, and by Sunday could be below 32 feet by next Wednesday.

Meteorologists said the Ohio River at Cairo is already falling slightly, but it would not return below flood stage until about January 16 due to high water on the adjoining Mississippi River.

Published 12:33 PM, Wednesday Jan. 09, 2019
Updated 04:09 PM, Wednesday Jan. 09, 2019