Op-ed: Local Group Works to Bring Change to KY
By Leslie McColgin
GRAVES COUNTY - The following op-ed is solely the opinion of the author, and does not necessarily represent the views of the staff of West Kentucky Star. 

Our local volunteer grassroots organization, Four Rivers Indivisible, is ready to help bring change to Kentucky.

Indivisible is a national volunteer grassroots organization of thousands of local groups with a mission to elect progressive leaders and rebuild our democracy.

Mitch McConnell has been in Washington too long, and is a major contributor to the dysfunctional polarization crippling our ability to effectively lead our country. He is mired in a past focused on partisan games and power, when we need leadership and a spirit of cooperation that can lead us forward to a future of new challenges. 

That is why our group is proud to endorse former USMC Lt. Colonel Amy McGrath for U.S. Senate.

McGrath represents the integrity and practical can-do approach that we so desperately need in our Commonwealth right now. Whether it is a plan to address systemic racism, a plan to ensure that every Kentuckian has healthcare, fighting for economic health for our ravaged economy, protecting our environment for the future, addressing the unique challenges of the pandemic, or battling all the corruption we face in our leadership, McGrath is prepared to take on the tough battles to get what Kentuckians deserve.

Born and raised in Kentucky, with a deep love and empathy for our people, she is the strong leader we need right now to put the needs of Kentucky citizens first, not play political games. 

On July 27th, we mark 100 days to the election. From a billboard targeting McConnell on Lone Oak Road in Paducah, to “Burma-Shave” style signs on local farms, to text- and phone-banking to voters, we are ready to do the work to bring positive change to Kentucky.


Leslie McColgin, Co-Leader

Leslie McColgin is a retired speech-language pathologist living in northwest Graves County. She has long advocated for people with disabilities, particularly protecting Medicaid funding for them. Her husband runs a local Adult Foster Care Agency, and they have cared for an individual in their home since 2009. She is an avid gardener, using raised beds and the square foot method. She spends most of her days harvesting, processing, cooking, and eating the organic produce she grows. She also enjoys her chickens, porch cat, and two wonderful Border Collies.

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Published 11:11 AM, Monday Jul. 27, 2020
Updated 05:10 AM, Tuesday Jul. 28, 2020



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