Open Letter to Sen. Alexander From Lyon Judge-Exec
By Wade White, Lyon County Judge-Executive
EDDYVILLE, KY - Open Letter to Senator Lamar Alexander's office - By Wade White, Lyon County Judge-Executive:

This letter is a response to the YouTube video of the Senate Hearings regarding the Corps of Engineers. 

NOTE: The video can be seen below, and here is the link -

I'm very proud of how Senator Alexander conducted himself in the Senate Hearings on Wednesday, May 09, 2013. Americans are looking for leaders who do not buckle when they are far away in Washington and the Senator stood tall as he questioned Secretary of the Army Darcy and General Bostick, Chief Engineer of the Corps of Engineers.

I also want to point out the repeated incorrect information given out by the leadership of the Corps of Engineers.  LTC James Delapp has passed false drowning numbers and other incorrect information to countless news media outlets, in print and brochures and now to the Senate.  Maybe this is common place - but I do not believe a member of the Army, especially in leadership, should be able to make incorrect statements to the senate and not be called out on it. 

I believe the Senators deserve more respect than has been shown by using deceptive statements to prove their case.  Americans lose confidence in our leadership every time we allow people to get away with not telling the truth in these situations.

These false statements below were pulled from the video of the hearing:

1) Sec Darcy: "We have had several fatalities, MORE THAN 14 FATALITIES"


14 drownings repeated by The Corps of Engineers to ban boat fishing at 10 dams in 43 years

     5 drownings were from bank fishing

     2 drownings from UNKNOWN CAUSES

     3 drownings when water discharged on people without warning -
        they were not wearing life jackets

     3 drownings no life jacket worn or worn improperly

     1 drowning while wearing life jacket properly

How can 5 drownings from the bank - which will still be allowed - be used to ban boats? They use this number over and over and over despite the facts.

Since 1970, when the Corps began keeping records, ZERO DROWNINGS have been reported in the tailwaters at 6 of the 10 dams on the Cumberland:  J. Percy Priest, Dale Hollow, Wolf Creek, Laurel River, Martins Fork and Cordell Hull dams. YET SECRETARY DARCY IS CONCERNED ABOUT THE NUMBER OF DROWNINGS? The number of drownings is zero on these six dams!

2) General Bostick:  "complicating that was the number of deaths of THOSE wearing life jackets."


Only One boater has drowned while properly wearing a Life jacket in over 43 years at 10 dams.

This single drowning is miniscule compared to the 881 drownings on the collective lakes in the Nashville District. 

3). General Bostick:  "The DOD IG Has stated the corps is not following its own policies"


Despite a freedom of information act request the Corps has not produced one single document showing a DOD IG report about not following policies. No where has non compliance with policy been mentioned in any document. GENERAL BOSTICK I CHALLENGE YOU TO PROVE THAT STATEMENT. 

4). General Bostick:  "we will continue to work with the local communities"


General Bostick I CHALLENGE YOU TO NAME ONE LOCAL ELECTED OFFICIAL YOU ARE WORKING WITH ON THESE RESTRICTIONS. I NEED ONE NAME AND THEIR TITLE. Your Nashville district will provide no information to local authorities unless we request it by a Freedom of Information act request.

General Bostick and Secretary Darcy - shame on you for showing such a lack of respect to the Senate and to the American people. The truth must be told. 

Wade White

Lyon Co. Judge Executive

Published 03:05 PM, Friday May. 10, 2013
Updated 12:38 PM, Friday May. 10, 2013

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