Overturned Semi Blocks Fulton Roadway
By WestKyStar Staff
FULTON, KY - State Route 125 in Fulton was blocked for several hours on Friday due to an overturned semi.

The semi overturned after the driver attempted to avoid a collision with a vehicle that was traveling near the center line. 73 year-old Marvin Lynch of Clinton was driving north on State Route 125. He met an oncoming vehicle that was near the center line. In an effort to avoid the collision, Lynch steered right causing the semi to drop off of the right shoulder of the roadway.

Lynch tried to steer the semi back on the roadway, but crossed over both lanes and the semi entered a ditch. Lynch tried again to get back to the roadway, but over corrected causing the semi to overturn.

The semi finally stopped with the tractor in the northbound lane and the trailer blocking both lanes. State Route 125 was closed for several hours due to the spillage of grain that the semi was hauling. Lynch was transported to Parkway Regional Hospital.

Officer Corey Payton received assistance from Fulton County Sheriff's Department and Parkway Regional Emergency Medical Services.

Published 11:20 AM, Saturday Jun. 22, 2013
Updated 12:12 PM, Saturday Jun. 22, 2013

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