Rudy: 'Not My Grandad's Democrat Party Anymore'
By West Kentucky Star Staff
WESTERN KENTUCKY - Incumbent Republican Steven Rudy took home victory in the race for 1st District State Representative over Democratic challenger Desiree Owen in Tuesday's general election. 

Rudy told West Kentucky Star he knows he took some heat over some things the general assembly did in its last session.

"I think, all in all, the people recognize we're trying to move the state in the right direction, and some tough decisions had to be made," He said. "You know, some of the tax reform things are really really good. With the lowering of the personal income tax we've made our state more and more competitive. We're attracting businesses, and, you know, we're seeing economic prosperity through a lot of the actions of the General Assembly in the last two years."

As for the GOP sweep of the seats in western Kentucky, Rudy said there's a reason for that.

"I think it's a sign that the Rock of Gibraltar from the Democrats from years gone by, it's not my grandad's Democrat party anymore. You know, people in our area are very conservative, and they want to be heard in Frankfort and not just taken for granted as they were for years and years and years by the other party." Rudy said.

Rudy won the race with 11,050 votes to Owen's 5,445.

Published 09:45 AM, Wednesday Nov. 07, 2018
Updated 06:50 PM, Monday Nov. 12, 2018

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