Dust Cloud Exits, Paducah Air Back in Good Range
By West Kentucky Star Staff
PADUCAH - In the space of a few hours on Sunday afternoon, the remnants of the Saharan dust cloud exited the Ohio Valley and much cleaner air took its place.

As of 6 p.m. Sunday, the government website Air Now measured Paducah's air quality at 35, which is in the lowest range for pollution and discomfort. Just a few hours before, the index was near 90, and peaked at 121 on Saturday, a range that could have been unhealthy to some people with respiratory problems.

Nashville's air quality index rose to over 150 on Saturday, which indicated an unhealthy climate for the general public, but now most of the southeastern U.S. is also back in the good 30-50 range.

The dust plume known as the Saharan Air Layer is an annual phenomenon in summer and early fall. This week's cloud was one of the thickest in half a century, and nearly 5,000 miles long.  

The Kentucky of Department of Health had issued an Air Quality Warning for all of Kentucky this weekend. Also, the Indiana Department of Environmental Management issued an Air Quality Action Day for all of southern Indiana.

You can check out the air quality in your zip code by going to the EPA's Air Quality website linked below.

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EPA Air Now website

Published 07:04 PM, Sunday Jun. 28, 2020
Updated 11:11 AM, Monday Jun. 29, 2020



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