Scammers Working Western Kentucky Area
By West Kentucky Star Staff
GRAVES COUNTY / WESTERN KENTUCKY - Scammers are again working the West Kentucky area by way of telephone.
According to the Graves County Sheriff's Department, the Jury Duty Scam cost a local Graves County resident $6,000 dollars.

Reports say that the caller represents himself as a law enforcement court official, advising that one has missed jury duty in federal court. They are told to purchase prepaid credit cards and immediately give the caller the credit card numbers. They are then instructed to send the cards to an address of the United States Department of Justice. If the person refuses, they are told that their phone has been tracked to an exact location and they will be arrested.
The problem lies with giving the scammer the credit card numbers. Once this is done this, the money is gone. The sending of the cards to the Justice Department is just something to make it appear legitimate.
The Sheriff's Department reminds everyone to never give credit cards numbers over the phone, or online under these circumstances. Government entities will never conduct any sort of business in this manner.

Many older residents often time fall victim to these scams and out of courtesy, will not simply hang up.
Law enforcement is asking everyone to speak with elderly family members and neighbors, and warn them.
Most of the scammers have been tracked to foreign countries, but they also have the ability to make local numbers appear on caller ID.

Published 11:30 PM, Monday May. 13, 2019
Updated 10:43 PM, Monday May. 13, 2019

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