Scott Double Murder Trial Set for 2020
By Bill Hughes
MURRAY - The trial for double-murder suspect Shannon Scott has been set for September of next year in Calloway County Circuit Court.

Commonwealth's Attorney Dennis Foust told West Kentucky Star that Special Circuit Judge Tim Kaltenbach set the date on Wednesday after considering details about laboratory tests on evidence and the pending case load on Foust and defense attorney Doug Moore. Both men are also scheduled to participate in the trial of accused Marshall County shooter Gabriel Parker in June 2020. 

Foust said, "We needed to space it out enough where we'll have time to catch our breath after the Parker trial before trying the Scott case."

Scott is accused of killing 37-year-old Tera Todd and 77-year-old Evelyn Scott at Todd’s home in Murray on Feb. 7, as well as killing Evelyn’s dog in the home and trying to clean up the scene to hide evidence. In addition to murder and tampering with physical evidence, Scott is charged with second degree cruelty to animals, first degree burglary, and theft.

The Scott trial is on the docket for September 8-25.

Foust said several items of biological evidence have been submitted for laboratory testing, which can take 12-15 months, but Judge Kaltenbach is expected to order the results back by the early May 2020.

Foust also said he's planning to file a notice of aggravating factors in the case, which is necessary if he is seeking the death penalty or a sentence of life without parole. He said he's still considering whether to pursue the death penalty.

"At this point, we're not really anticipating that based upon information we've learned regarding the competency evaluation," Foust said.

Judge Kaltenbach ruled that Scott was competent to stand trial on May 24. 

Published 06:20 AM, Friday Jul. 12, 2019
Updated 10:16 AM, Saturday Jul. 13, 2019

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