Shawn McDonald to Perform at MSU on April 14
By WestKyStar Staff
MURRAY, KY - The students of Murray State University have been requesting live shows in different musical genres on campus for quite a while now, and on April 14, Racer Live begins a new concert series aimed at granting students their wish.
The new acoustic concert series called “Unplugged: A Racer Live Production”, featuring acoustic performances in several genres for students, faculty, and the community. The student organization has scheduled Shawn McDonald to perform in Lovett Auditorium at 7:30 pm.
“When Racer Live was first conceived we set out with very firm goals. One of those goals was to create a recurring event run solely by our organization,” said Reese Hawkins, Director of Publicity for Racer Live.
Members of Racer Live are involved in every step of producing this new series. They choose what genre they believe people want to hear, research and book the artist, and promote the event. It’s done by the students for the students.
With such a diverse group of students that are part of Racer Live, artists from nearly every genre were submitted. Shawn McDonald, a Christian artist nominated for several Dove awards, stood out to the members and was deemed an artist that would reach across genre boundaries to resonate with students. McDonald has a sound all his own, but can be seen as similar to artists such as Matt White, Lifehouse, Matt Pond PA and David Crowder Band.

Shawn McDonald is an Oregon native that has seen his fair share of hard times. As a teenager McDonald lived a hard life of rebellion and that of a drug addict. At the age of 20, while facing several felony counts, he reached out to God and began the change he needed to get his life on track. Since then McDonald has shared his testimony and is not afraid to speak about what his life once was.
“As a member of Racer Live, I am honored to welcome Shawn McDonald to Lovett Auditorium. Shawn’s songs are sounds of heart-wrenching poetry that conjure emotions from the deepest part of our soul. His raw voice and gifted lyrics remind us of conquered tribulations,” said Brooke Foley, Director of Social Media for Racer Live.
With a new album just released on March 26, entitled “The Analog Sessions,” concert attendees will be graced with new music, as well as previous hits such as “Gravity,” “Closer,” “Rise” and many more. The new album currently includes the single “What Are You Waiting For?” His music style speaks to people from all walks of life and his contemporary, modern sound makes you stop and take a second listen to confirm he is in fact a Christian artist.
“Students can identify with the passion of his wandering heart and that’s why he is the first singer/songwriter of the ‘Unplugged: A Racer Live Production’ concert series.” Foley said.
Hawkins reiterates this by saying, “We are definitely in for a few treats at the show.”

McDonald coming to Murray State’s campus to start this new series will be an event not to miss. The show starts at 7:30 pm, and doors open at 6:30 pm. Tickets are $10.00 and can be purchased through the CFSB Center Box Office or


Published 05:13 PM, Tuesday Apr. 02, 2013
Updated 05:18 PM, Tuesday Apr. 02, 2013

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