Sheriff Warns of 'Driveway Work' Scammers
By WestKyStar Staff
WICKLIFFE, KY - The Ballard County Sheriff has issued a warning to residents about a possible scam.

Sheriff Todd Cooper said if someone pulls up to your home and asks to do work for you, especially driveway work, but you do not know them, do not let them in your home. He says to politely tell them, "no thank you," close the door, and call 9-1-1. This is due to a recent rash of scams:

March 29 - A white male pulled up to a Wickliffe residence and said he had “about half a load of leftover rock for driveways” and asked the homeowner if they wanted their driveway fixed. After negotiating to do the work for $150, a different man arrived and performed the work. He then presented a bill of $750. Initially, the homeowner refused to pay, but the man demanded the money, and the homeowner paid him out of fear.

April 1 - A man drove up to a La Center home, and told the owner that he would patch their asphalt driveway. A price was agreed upon of $500, but after the work was performed, the man came in the house demanding payment of $1750. The resident went to get his check book, and was going to pay $500 but the man grabbed his check book from him and filled out the check on his own.

April 15 - A man in a white chevy pickup with the writing “hot asphalt” on the side drove up to a man’s house in kevil area asking to pave his driveway.

April 16 - The man who scammed a Wickliffe resident was arrested on a warrant for adult financial exploitation. Jay Joles of Wisconsin posted $1,000 bond and was given must appear in Ballard District Court on April 29 at 9 am.

All three vehicles used in the scams had Illinois plates. One truck was black, the other two were white.

If this happens or has happened to you, please call the Sheriff's office immediately at 335-3561, or call your local law enforcement agency.

Published 01:51 PM, Saturday Apr. 20, 2013
Updated 01:54 PM, Saturday Apr. 20, 2013

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