Single-Digit Wind Chills This Morning
By National Weather Service
PADUCAH - An Arctic airmass has surged through the region, resulting in temperatures falling through the day Thursday to lows in the teens this morning.

Wind chills early Friday morning will drop to a few degrees below zero over northern portions of southeast Missouri and the I-64 corridor of southern Illinois. Elsewhere wind chills will range in the single digits throughout southernmost Illinois and western Kentucky.

The high Friday will struggle to get above freezing, but then temperatures will quickly recover over the weekend to 36 on Saturday, 55 on Sunday and 61 on Monday.

Flooding will occur or continue on many area rivers, and more rain is expected next Monday and Tuesday.

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Published 07:05 PM, Thursday Feb. 13, 2020
Updated 05:59 AM, Friday Feb. 14, 2020



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