The Triple-digit Heat Index Has Returned
By National Weather Service
PADUCAH - Sunday's heat index soared near triple digits in the afternoon, and will return tomorrow across much of the Quad State region.

Heat index values of 97 to 101 will be common on Monday afternoon for western Kentucky and southern Illinois. The highest effect of the combined heat and humidity will be felt between 1 pm and 7 pm.

For persons that are sensitive to this combination of heat and humidity, be sure to take frequent breaks in the share or in an air conditioned building. Be sure to drink plenty of water. Watch for the young, the old, and those with underlying health conditions that may be impacted by the heat and humidity.

Increasing rain chances from Tuesday through the rest of the work week will dampen the chance for more oppressive heat.

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Published 05:26 PM, Sunday Jun. 28, 2020
Updated 08:04 PM, Sunday Jun. 28, 2020



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