Three Arrested in Fulton Armed Robbery
By West Kentucky Star Staff
FULTON - Charges have been filed against three people, following an armed robbery in Fulton.

KYTN reports that Fulton Police were called to a home on Poplar Street, where a 30-year-old victim was robbed.

At the scene, the victim told officers that 23-year-old Micheal Downing, and a 17-year old juvenile, were at his home, when the juvenile produced a gun.

Reports said the juvenile placed the gun to the victim's head, while Downing took $275.00 in cash from him.

An investigation resulted in a first-degree robbery warrant being issued for Downing, who was later arrested at a home in Clinton.

A pick-up order was issued for the 17 year old juvenile, who was taken into custody in South Fulton.

Fulton police also arrested 19-year-old Zakira Donald, of Fulton, who drove the suspects from the robbery scene.

She was charged with complicity to first degree robbery.

Published 07:30 PM, Tuesday Aug. 04, 2020
Updated 07:20 PM, Wednesday Aug. 05, 2020



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