Veterans Day Brings Rain, Snow, Bitter Wind Chills
By National Weather Service
PADUCAH - After trick-or-treaters suffered through one of the coldest Halloweens ever in Paducah, veterans will get a dose of the same on Monday.

Historical records at the National Weather Service office at Barkley Field show that more than half of the time since 1938 we've enjoyed high temperatures in the 60s and 70s on Veterans Day. The average high for the day is 61 degrees.

But this Monday is predicted to have a high of only 49 degrees at midnight, then steadily falling temperatures through the 30s by afternoon. 

Veterans Day observances will also be hampered by the chance for cold rain and increasing north winds that could gust at more than 25 miles per hour by afternoon. This will drive the wind chill into the teens late on Monday, and even to single digits on Tuesday morning.

There's also a chance for rain to change to snow showers later on Monday. Snow accumulation is expected to be confined to grassy areas and elevated surfaces because of warm ground temperatures, limiting impacts across the region. 

The past two Veterans Days have also been colder than normal; last year also had a high of 49 degrees, and a low of 22; 2017 saw 54 and 29. However, both of those days were without the rain, snow and polar winds expected with this cold snap.

Temperatures on Tuesday might not even get above freezing all day, and will remain below normal late into next week. If this occurs, it will be the earliest date that Paducah has ever had a high temperature stay below freezing. The current mark is November 13, 1986, when the high was 28 degrees. 

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Published 06:20 PM, Saturday Nov. 09, 2019
Updated 05:01 AM, Monday Nov. 11, 2019

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