WK&T Moves Corporate Office to Technology Park
By Bill Hughes, Mike Cooper
MAYFIELD - West Kentucky and Tennessee Telecommunications is in the process of moving its offices from downtown Mayfield to their new administration building on the former Mid-Continent University campus. It is the first step in developing the campus into a technology park. 

Karen Jackson-Furman, Chief Operating Officer for WK&T, stressed that for now, customers will still go to the Cuba Road location for products and services.

"The Customer Service Center in Mayfield - where actually customers go to the retail store to work with Customer Service Representatives - that's all staying where it's at for now. This is just the administration building that's moving out here this week," she said. 

Jackson-Furman said several other buildings are available to rent on the campus. She said the close proximity of the new I-69 and the site's state-of-the-art connectivity would be a great home for other technology companies.

Bill Bartleman, Director of Special Projects for WK&T, said they hope others will join them.

Bartleman said, "This is a project to help the entire region. If we can develop this into the high-tech park like we envision, it would be an investment of somewhere in the neighborhood of $50-60 million , create maybe at least 1,000 jobs directly and 300-400 jobs indirectly, and these would be high-paying jobs. Again, it would be a big asset for the region."

Workers began moving the administrative offices on Wednesday and will continue Thursday. 

Published 06:21 PM, Wednesday Jul. 11, 2018
Updated 06:54 PM, Wednesday Jul. 11, 2018

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