WKYX Wins Four Associated Press Awards
By The Associated Press
PADUCAH - Winners in the Kentucky Associated Press Broadcasters competition recognizing the best in television and radio journalism in 2018 were announced Saturday night, and WKYX won four awards.

The awards were announced in Lexington for both professional and college contests.

Twenty-two broadcast organizations and five Kentucky colleges and universities submitted 616 entries in the contest, which featured news, sports, and weather reporting as well as feature, investigative, public interest reporting, photography, video, and website categories.

TV entries had three divisions: college stations, Lousville/Lexingon stations, and Paducah/Bowling Green/Hazard stations. Radio entries were in two divisions: college stations, and all commercial/non-commercial stations.

The AP is a not-for-profit news cooperative representing 1,400 newspapers and 5,000 broadcast stations in the United States.

A list of winners will be posted at or the link below. Here are the winners in commercial/non-commercial radio:

Short Light News Feature: 1, Leeann Akers, WMKY-FM, Morehead, "The Smokey Valley Horse"; 2, Bill Hughes, WKYX-FM, Paducah, "Publishers Clearing House Winner."

Short Serious News Feature: 1, Rhonda Miller, WKYU-FM, Bowling Green, "Students from South Warren to Owensboro Join National Walkout for Safer Schools"; 2, Ryan Van Velzer, WFPL-FM, Louisville, "After Years of Coal Ash Exposure, Scientists Assess Health of Cane Run Neighbors."

Long Light News Feature: 1, Kyeland Jackson, WFPL-FM, Louisville, "A Party for Cheese: The Story of a Louisville Shelter Dog's Last Day"; 2, Cheri Lawson, WEKU-FM, Richmond, "Crocheting to Help the Homeless."

Long Serious News Feature: 1, Nicole Erwin, WKMS-FM, Murray, "Marshall County Mourns After Deadly School Shooting"; 2, Rhonda Miller, WKYU-FM, Bowling Green, "Kentucky Lynching Museum Opened 10 Years Before New Montgomery Memorial."

Short Public Affairs: 1, Leeann Akers, WMKY-FM, Morehead, "New Grants Will Assist the Drug Epidemic"; 2, Tim Brockwell, WKYX-FM, Paducah, "Harless Discusses Paducah Human Rights Ordinance."

Long Public Affairs: 1, Nicole Erwin, WKMS-FM, Murray, "Win for Wetlands: Program Helps Farmers Conserve More Flood Prone Land"; 2, Cheri Lawson, WEKU-FM, Richmond, "Kentucky Coloring Parties Help Combat Fear."

Sports Reporting: 1, Alan Lytle and Doug Boyd, WUKY-FM, Lexington, "Saving Stories: A Tribute to the Ultimate Sixth Man"; 2, Leeann Akers, WMKY-FM, Morehead, "Mountain Edition Sports with Leeann Akers."

Sports Feature/Special: 1, Samantha Lederman, WUKY-FM, Lexington, "Lexington Based Equestrian Hopes to Bring Home Mongol Glory"; 2, Leeann Akers, WMKY-FM, Morehead, "Rowan County Boys' Basketball Team 2018-19 Season Preview."

Use of Sound: 1, Matt Markgraf, Ryland Barton and Cory Sharber, WKMS-FM, Murray, "The Sights and Sounds of Fancy Farm"; 2, Leeann Akers and John Flavell, WMKY-FM, Morehead, "Kentucky Center for Traditional Music."

Political Coverage: 1, Becca Schimmel, WKYU-FM, Bowling Green; 2, Josh James, WUKY-FM, Lexington.

Breaking News: 1, Greg Dunker, Joe Jackson and J.P. Roberts, WKYX-FM, Paducah, "Breaking News Coverage of the Marshall County High School Shooting"; 2, WKMS-FM, Murray, "Tuesday: Shooting at Marshall County High School, Two Dead, 18 Injured."

Continuing Coverage: 1, WKMS-FM, Murray, "Marshall County Mourns After Deadly School Shooting"; 2, Becca Schimmel, WKYU-FM, Bowling Green.

Enterprise Reporting: 1, Lisa Autry, WKYU-FM, Bowling Green, "In Grips of Opioid Crisis, Doctors Struggle Finding Balance Between Treating Pain, Overprescribing"; 2, Nicole Erwin and Jeff Young, WKMS-FM, Murray, "In Wake of School Shooting, a Look at How Kids Get Guns."

Special Series/Documentary: 1, Cheri Lawson, WEKU-FM, Richmond, "Kentucky Women Break Through"; 2, Laura Ellis and Ashlie Stevens, WFPL-FM, Louisville, "Curious Derby."

Investigative Reporting: 1, Jacob Ryan, WFPL-FM, Louisville, "Despite Calls for Help, Bedbugs Infest Louisville Public Housing Complex"; 2, Eleanor Klibanoff and Jeff Young, WFPL-FM, Louisville, "Fatal Flaws: How Kentucky is Failing its Workers."

Digital Coverage: 1, Eleanor Klibanoff, Alexandra Kanik and Jeff Young, WFPL-FM, Louisville, "Fatal Flaws: How Kentucky is Failing its Workers"; 2, Nicole Erwin and Alexandra Kanik, WKMS-FM, Murray.

Radio Reporter: 1, Ryan Van Velzer, WFPL-FM, Louisville, "Environment Reporter Ryan Van Velzer"; 2, Hayley Hansen, WHAS-AM, Louisville.

Radio Anchor: 1, Suzanne Duvall, WHAS-AM, Louisville; 2, Alan Lytle, WUKY-FM, Lexington.

Short Newscast: 1, Alan Lytle, Josh James and Karyn Czar, WUKY-FM, Lexington; 2, Bill Hughes, Tim Brockwell and J.P. Roberts, WKYX-FM, Paducah.

Long Newscast: 1, Leeann Akers and Logan Pemberton, WMKY-FM, Morehead, "Mountain Edition News."

Overall Excellence: 1, WFPL-FM, Louisville; 2, WKYU-FM, Bowling Green.

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