Weight Sensors Put on Ledbetter Bridge
LEDBETTER, KY - State highway officials have installed weight detectors to discourage heavy traffic from using the US 60 Tennessee River Bridge at Ledbetter. 

The bridge was restricted to a three-ton limit on Jan. 10, requiring heavier loads to make a 120-mile detour.

On Monday, state workers installed a set of "weight in motion" detectors on the bridge, according to The Paducah Sun.

Police have stepped up patrols at the bridge to enforce the lower weight limit.

Ledbetter Fire Chief and Magistrate Terry Stringer said there were numerous citations in the first several weeks of the weight restriction, but the number of citations has declined as drivers become aware of enforcement.

Published 09:50 AM, Tuesday Feb. 21, 2012
Updated 10:11 AM, Wednesday Feb. 22, 2012

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