Whitfield Issues Statement on Government Shutdown
By WestKyStar Staff

U.S. Rep. Ed Whitfield released the following statement on Wednesday about the government shutdown and debt ceiling:

“The House of Representatives will consider legislation later tonight that will put an end to the 18th government shutdown since 1976 and prevent a catastrophic default on our financial obligations.  Under this agreement, the government will be funded through January 15, the debt ceiling will be raised until February 7th, spending levels will not be increased, and the House of Representatives and the United States Senate will go to conference to negotiate budget reforms so that we can continue to reduce spending and get our fiscal house in order.  While I will vote in favor of this legislation, make no mistake, I remain committed to fighting the devastating impacts of Obamacare as they become more evident in the months ahead.

“Unfortunately, this government shutdown is just another example of our country’s broken budget process that is in dire need of reform.  I genuinely believe that one of the reasons that Congress has such a low approval rating is that many people across America perceive that if Congress cannot do its most basic task of adopting a budget, then that contributes to the perception that this is an ineffective body.  One way we could improve the process is to go to a two year budget cycle where one year could be devoted to the budget itself, and the second year would be an evaluation and oversight of all government spending to determine that which is effective and that which is a waste or abuse of taxpayer dollars.

“I look forward to House and Senate negotiators working to reach an agreement by December 13th on a long-term blueprint that will meaningfully reduce the deficit, reform our tax code, and promote economic growth.”   

Published 03:00 PM, Wednesday Oct. 16, 2013
Updated 08:56 AM, Thursday Oct. 17, 2013

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