Woman Finds Book of Memories, Looking for Owner
By Tim Brockwell
MAYFIELD, KY - A long-lost family treasure has been discovered, and the woman who found it is searching for the rightful owner.

Oliver Springs, TN resident Sherry Broaddus was cleaning out her late grandmother's attic at 104 Sequoia Lane in Oak Ridge, TN when she stumbled upon two baby keepsake books and several photos of a little girl and woman. The name listed for the little girl is Jennifer Lynn Holman, and the mother and father are Lester and Wayne Holman. The grandparents are A.C. and Audie Prince, and B.L. and Martha Holman. The book lists Fuller Morgan Hospital in Mayfield as the place of birth. The date of birth was March 5, 1956, and the delivering physician was W.B. Simpson. The book appears to be in very good condition.

Broaddus said the books had been in the attic in a box since at least the early 1970's. "The former owners had left it in the attic in a box, and my grandparents had never seen the box or paid any attention to it," Broaddus said. "When my grandmother passed away back in March, we started cleaning out the house and we found it."

Broaddus said she decided to share her story when her own efforts to spread word of the find proved unsuccessful. She said she is hoping someone who reads the story might be able to help her track down the owner of the books. "I have been trying for a while to find somebody in the family, but to no avail. I've tried doing a notification on Facebook, and asked people to share. I've had several people respond with suggestions, but still no luck." Broaddus said.

Broaddus is asking anyone with information about any of the people listed in the books, or who might own it to contact her via Facebook at the link below, or to call her at 865-435-3461. "I know if it was mine I would want it," Broaddus said. "I just hate for the family not to have it."

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Broaddus' Facebook Page

Published 05:14 PM, Tuesday Jul. 08, 2014
Updated 09:47 PM, Wednesday Jul. 09, 2014

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