Coronavirus Affecting TN Lottery Payout Procedures
By West Kentucky Star Staff
NASHVILLE - The coronavirus issue is now affecting the way larger winning Tennessee Lottery tickets are redeemed.

Lottery officials announced Monday, the temporary closure of their Nashville Headquarters Claim Center, along with district offices in Memphis, Knoxville, and Chattanooga.

Lottery reports said players can claim prizes less than $600 at any of their retailer locations.

Prize amounts of $600 or above must now be claimed by mailing the winning ticket to the Nashville Headquarters.

All drawing-style tickets must be postmarked within 180-days after the draw date, and 90-days after the announced end game date for winning instant “scratch-off” tickets.

Published 09:30 AM, Monday Mar. 23, 2020
Updated 09:52 AM, Tuesday Mar. 24, 2020



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