Gas Hits 99 Cents in Northwest Tennessee
By West Kentucky Star Staff
PARIS TN - At least for a day, gasoline is being purchased in our region for under a dollar a gallon.

According to the website, gas sold Tuesday morning for 99 cents a gallon at one station in Paris, Tennessee. Several other stations in Paris are also selling for 1.11 to 1.16 per gallon.

Henderson, KY is also selling gas at 1.11, after selling there last week for around 1.35 per gallon.

Even southern Illinois is getting in on cheaper gas, in spite of the state's higher gas tax. In Harrisburg, gas is as low as 1.53 per gallon, and several stations are below 1.59.

In Paducah and Murray, gas is selling for about 1.71 per gallon at several locations. In Benton, Gasbuddy listed stations selling for 1.77.

In years past, Cape Girardeau was the low gas price center for the region, but those stations currently lag behind at 1.88 per gallon.

Gasoline prices have plummeted in the past several weeks due to the lowest crude oil prices in 18 years, and a reduced demand for fuel during coronavirus travel restrictions.

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Published 10:56 AM, Tuesday Mar. 24, 2020
Updated 11:12 AM, Tuesday Mar. 24, 2020



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