'Firefighters' Phone Scam Making the Rounds
By West Kentucky Star Staff
FULTON COUNTY - Residents of western Kentucky and northwest Tennessee are urged to be alert for a telephone scam that supposedly seeks money for firefighters.

According to KYTN, the caller will say that it is a fundraising drive for the "National Firefighters Association," but when potential victims request additional information, the caller will hang up.

When calling the number back, an answering message refers to the number as a "political campaign outreach."

The calls have been received in Fulton and Obion counties, but West Kentucky Star has also confirmed that they have been received in Shelby County. This wider call area suggests that anyone in the region could be a potential victim.

If a call is received requesting money for the "National Firefighters Association", it is recommended not to give any personal information, immediately hang up, and notify local law enforcement.

Published 11:29 PM, Thursday Aug. 15, 2019
Updated 08:41 PM, Friday Aug. 16, 2019

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