Dome Pavilion Inflated and Ready for Use
By WestKyStar Staff
PADUCAH, KY - With spring almost here, the Paducah dome pavilion was set up and inflated Thursday.
Workers unrolled the pavilion, also known as the bubble, in a lot next to the Julian M. Carroll Convention Center over the past three days. Parks Services Director Mark Thompson told the Paducah Sun workers had to wait until winds died down before they could begin inflating the structure.
Workers spent most of the day Wednesday securing the vinyl walls of the pavilion to the ground to get ready for inflation.
The 38,000-square-foot pavilion has been in use downtown since the Executive Inn was demolished.
Its main use has been during the last weekend in April, when the American Quilter’s Society hosts its annual quilt show. The structure is legally permitted to be up for 180 days a year.
Deals in the works for a new hotel in the space mean this is likely the final year for the inflatable pavilion in downtown Paducah. Although a new hotel will provide more rooms, it will not have the 38,000 square feet of exhibition space the show needs. 
City Manager Jeff Pederson told the Sun the city is exploring future options for providing space to the quilt show, but since the pavilion needs its own foundation, there may not be suitable place to use it.

Published 04:34 PM, Thursday Mar. 14, 2013
Updated 10:43 PM, Friday Mar. 15, 2013

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