Jackson House, W.B. Sanders Residents Get Vaccine
By Bill Hughes
PADUCAH - A local pharmacy helped vaccinate people over 70 at two Paducah apartment buildings. 

Davis Drugs received an allotment of the COVID-19 vaccine, and worked with staff at W.B. Sanders Retirement Center and Jackson House Apartments to administer the first dose of the Moderna vaccine on Thursday. 

Property Manager Shannon Tutor said his Activity Director Dava Dillon had been reaching out to pharmacies, and Marshall Davis let her know he could help. They determined how many residents wanted the vaccine and scheduled those who were 70 and older. 

Tutor said ten people at W.B. Sanders got the vaccine, along with fifty at the Jackson House. Sanders has 61 apartments and Jackson House has 238. 

Three employees on their maintenance staff, who are in their 60s, were also vaccinated. Tutor said that was advantageous, since they are in and out of everyone's rooms as they do their jobs. He hopes other staff, who are not considered front-line, will be able to get vaccinated soon. 

Tutor said,  "It's all been super positive, and we've received a ton of calls today from those that are in their 60s or 50s that are disabled that were eager to get vaccinated as soon as we get our next opportunity."

A requirement of anyone living in either of their buildings is that they are elderly or disabled, so Tutor said they feel almost everyone there is in a high-risk category. He said they've had some cases of the virus and some that were hospitalized, but thankfully, nobody succumbed to the disease.

More vaccines may be coming soon, since Tutor said he got a call from a representative from Walgreens who wants to help set up a vaccination clinic in early March. 

Tutor said, "We want to get as many - just like anybody else in the whole world right now, I think -  we want everybody that's willing to take it to get it so we can try to get some sort of normalcy going."

Published 03:37 PM, Friday Feb. 19, 2021
Updated 04:10 PM, Friday Feb. 19, 2021



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