Work on Hwy 121 Begins in Several Counties
By West Kentucky Star Staff
WESTERN KENTUCKY - On Monday, a contractor for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet has started the first step of a multi-step process for microsurfacing along extended section of KY 121 through Graves County and Carlisle County.

This project runs from the Kess Creek Bridge near the KY 80 intersection in Mayfield through Graves County and Carlisle County to the Ballard County line, a distance of about 27 miles. A few sections of the highway with newer pavement are excluded from the work.

This is the same section of road where a contractor has completed crack sealing work and pavement base repairs in recent months. This microsurfacing project is designed to extend pavement life, and is an industrial-strength enhanced version of the seal coating used on some driveways.

The contractor's first round of microsurfacing will be along KY 121 at the Ballard-Carlisle County, then work southward through Carlisle County on into Graves County to the KY 80/KY 121 intersection south of Mayfield. This entire process will take several weeks with each section of road getting several treatments.

Message board have been placed along this extended work zone to alert motorists that during some of the phases they will encounter fine loose gravel along the roadway. Appropriate caution is required. After allowing the various phases of coating process to cure, the contractor will come back with a final cape seal that will provide a driving surface similar to regular asphalt pavement.

Drivers using KY 121 around Mayfield through northern Graves County and all of Carlisle County should expect short sections of one-lane traffic with alternating flow controlled by flaggers. This work will continue during daylight hours for about the next 2 to 3 weeks, anytime weather allows.  

Published 12:29 PM, Monday Jul. 30, 2018
Updated 12:41 PM, Monday Jul. 30, 2018

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