Kentucky Restaurants' Petition Defies Governor
By West Kentucky Star Staff
LOUISVILLE - Some restaurant owners in Kentucky are circulating an online petition that says they plan to reopen on December 14 even if Governor Andy Beshear does not rescind his restaurant closure order.

Restaurant owners have formed a group called the Kentucky Restaurant Rescue Coalition. Their petition states, “If Governor Beshear does not rescind restaurant closures, restaurants will reopen on December 14 at 50 percent capacity."

On their website, group members said there was concern the current restriction including a ban on indoor dining may extend beyond the December 14 reopen date. 

Stacy Roof, president of the Kentucky Restaurant Association, said the petition reflects a mounting level of frustration.

“I think it shows how operators want to stand together and stick up for their rights,” she said.

Roof said she still has not seen any state data connecting their industry to a large COVID-19 outbreak.

“We've asked for it for months. I don't believe it’s there,” she said. “I don't think our Kentucky decisions are being driven by Kentucky data.”

The coalition says 3,000 Kentucky restaurants and over 200,000 employees and their families could be in jeopardy if they are not allowed to reopen soon.

The website and petition are linked below.

On the Net:

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Published 09:59 AM, Thursday Dec. 03, 2020
Updated 07:48 PM, Thursday Dec. 03, 2020



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